Why training for a duathlon or triathlon is great for everyone

Humans are made to move. This is clear by the huge number of benefits exercise has for mind and body. “There is a linear relation between physical activity and health status; an increase in physical activity and fitness directly improves your health status,” says Dr Craig Nossel, head of Discovery Vitality Wellness. “Exercise can easily […]

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Take on the Knight’s Walk

We have reorganised the fun run to happen on April 22nd. Glin Tri Club will host the fun run/walk by taking on the Knight’s Walk in Glin. It’s a challenging, but worthwhile trail run, and will start and finish at the gates of Glin Castle!  

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So you’re considering doing a triathlon!

We hope this information will help you get started on the road to your first triathlon. Who can do a triathlon? Anyone can do a triathlon. If you’re in search of fitness and looking for a rewarding challenge, Triathlon is for you. What is a Triathlon? Triathlon is a modern, exciting and endurance sport – […]

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